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Guts ‘n GOS, Op. 142

Part 1.  Guts Nice review article about the great diversity of carbohydrate-modified diets used in the treatment of gastroin-testiness. Short-chain carbohydrates and functional gastrointestinal disorders (Shepherd, Lomer, and Gibson 2013) this handy table: the full version (click to enlarge, print, … Continue reading

Physiological insulin resistance: benevolent pseudo-diabetes

The mystery of the ketogenic diet: benevolent pseudo-diabetes (Blagosklonny, 2019) [Patron link] “studies in rodents have found that the ketogenic diet causes diabetes” Narrator: No, they don’t. In fact, rodent keto studies are all over the board. . . Sometimes … Continue reading

The role of the ‘biome in insomnia, circadian disruption, and depression

Everything is connected! (Li et al., 2018) Good sleep and mood are important for health and keeping active. Keeping active is important for sleep, mood, and health. Good health is important for sleep, mood, and physical activity. “There is considerable … Continue reading

Cyclical ketogenic diet and carb refeeds

Potential conclusion (pending full texts): “if you’re gonna keto, no need to carb” I think these three abstracts are all referring to the same studies.  I haven’t seen the full texts.  My takes are in italics, after each abstract. Exhibit … Continue reading

Random thoughts on the ‘biome

If you’re healthy, no major complaints, then you probably won’t benefit from tweaking your ‘biome.  Ymmv.  But if you’re gonna do it anyway, here are some tips (mostly my opinions).    

New low carb protein bars

Warning: this post isn’t #Paleo Certified™.   It’s more about convenience, choosing the lesser evil. Quest Nutrition led the charge in low carb, high protein, fibre-rich bars.  “Fibre-rich” is really the key in allowing a bona fide “low carb” bar … Continue reading

Paleo Plants and Carnivory

From what I gather, it’s been difficult to pinpoint the role of plants in the diet of our ancestors for a variety of reasons.  For example, evidence of plants on cooking tools and dental remains is suggestive but doesn’t disprove the … Continue reading

New study: high intensity exercise on a low carb diet.

Switch an athlete from their standard carbohydrate-rich diet to a low carb ketogenic one and suddenly performance tanks.  It is known.  Give them a few weeks to adapt, however, and it recovers.  This much was established for mainly endurance-related performance parameters by … Continue reading

Animal fibre

Fruits and veggies, fermented or otherwise, aren’t the only source of prebiotics in your diet.  Eat a whole sardine and some of the ligaments, tendons, bones, and cartilage will surely escape digestion to reach the distal intestine where they will … Continue reading

Fermented meat & probiotics

From Slate: “Sausage made with bacteria from baby poop isn’t as gross as it sounds.”  and my favorite: “Pooperoni? Baby-poop bacteria help make healthy sausages.” Much ado about: Nutritionally enhanced fermented sausages as a vehicle for potential probiotic lactobacilli delivery … Continue reading