Counting calories to lose weight does not work for the majority of dieters. This happens, in part, because the calories in food are not the same as those expended by the body. This book is intended to explain this misperception, and function as a guide on energy balance and weight management for dieters, nutrition practitioners, and medical professionals.

Kindle version can be found HERE.

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Podcasts, Reviews, etc.

Bill Lagakos and The Trouble With Diets with Terry Simpson (2019)

Nourish Balance Thrive with Tommy Wood (December 2018) Why you should eat breakfast (and other secrets of circadian biology.

Diana Rodgers of Sustainable Dish (December 2018) Circadian rhythms, stress, satiety, fasting, and longevity

With Danny Lennon (2014):

John Kiefer, author of Carb Back-Loading and The Carb Nite Solution: Body.IO FM #32: Dr. Bill Lagakos (August 2014).  Awesome chat about exercise and nutrient timing.

I was one of the “Experts” invited to contribute to Jimmy Moore’s book, KETO CLARITY; this podcast is more about Jimmy’s book, but it was fun and we covered a lot of ground: 852: Dr. Bill Lagakos – KETO CLARITY Interview (August 2014).

Justin Wisor’s WISORHEALTH RADIO: Episode 3: Bill Lagakos and The Poor,  Misunderstood Calorie (August 2014).

Vinnie Tortorich’s Angriest Trainer Podcast: Fat Adaptation and Defining a Calorie with Dr. Bill Lagakos (June 2014).

Feyyaz and I chatted about all manner of things: Using Research to Build a Healthy Body and Soul (2014).

Ameer Rosic, black belt biohacker: What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Calories (November 2013).

Jimmy Moore’s “Ask the Low Carb Experts” podcast: 50: Dr. Bill Lagakos – All things Calories, Calories 201 (October 2013).

Jimmy Moore from “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” interview (August 2013): Bill Lagakos defends the reputation of The poor, misunderstood calorie.  Or listen via iTunes or MP3.

Tim Noakes, Professor of Exercise Science at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa and huge figure in the world of diet, tweeted a variety of quotes from the book and included it in his “Diet Trinity,” alongside Dr. Atkin’s Diet Revolution and Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes.

Bryan Davis (Doc Fermento Discovers the World) interviewed me about the book on July 29, 2013: 62- William Lagakos Ph.D. – Calories Proper.  Sound quality is so-so, but Bryan was a great host.  Check out all of his podcasts HERE.

George Henderson of the Hopeful Geranium Blog posted to his Facebook timeline: “If Tom Naughton’s film is the perfect plain-language gateway to understanding the concept that counting calories in meals isn’t the most sensible way to understand their weight, energy, health risks and benefits, Bill’s book gives you the scientific background in an easy-to-read yet academically correct and circumspect style. Nutrition 101 for the 21st century.”

Tom Naughton of Fat Head posted a review on July 18th, 2013 (click the link for the full review).  Here are some highlights from his review:
“If you’re looking for a how-to book, this isn’t it.  There’s no diet plan inside.  But if you’re looking for an explanation of the science of energy balance and weight loss that’s clearly written and easy to grasp, this is definitely one for your bookshelf.”

“His main point is that the tendency to either accumulate or shed body fat is driven by the relationship between nutrient partitioning, energy expenditure and appetite.”

Carole Sampson aka CarbsaneR: “It is obvious that Dr Lagakos does his science the right way round – ie he looks at the evidence first and then draws his conclusions. Each of his assertions is thoroughly backed up by clinical research.”

“This book was a joy to read and I recommend it. It’s great that the author has real qualifications to discuss this subject matter.”

Bryan Davis aka Doc Fermento: hasn’t posted a review, but was live-tweeting as he read.  Search #TPMC on Twitter for quotes and his thoughts & insights of the book.

My interview with Sam Feltham of Smash the Fat (July 2013):