Physiological insulin resistance: benevolent pseudo-diabetes

The mystery of the ketogenic diet: benevolent pseudo-diabetes (Blagosklonny, 2019)

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“studies in rodents have found that the ketogenic diet causes diabetes”

Narrator: No, they don’t. In fact, rodent keto studies are all over the board.



Sometimes glucose tolerance is up, sometimes it’s down, sometimes it depends on what you’re actually comparing it to — is the control group low fat or the notoriously misnamed high fat diet (it should just be called an obesogenic diet imo).

off topic — just found these and they’re awesome. Check out the digits.

OK, in some studies, keto mice are insulin resistant. Sometimes it correlates with body weight. See all the ‘somes’ here? You can’t make broad statements about rodent keto studies.

And you definitely can’t use them to support recommendations for human diabetes/obesity.

this probably isn’t even keto’s strongest suit anyway…

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