Artificial light regulates fat mass: no bueno.

“despite not eating more or moving less”

We’ve seen this time and time again: LIGHT IS A DRUG.


above quote is extrapolated from this rodent study: “Prolonged daily light exposure increases body fat mass through attenuation of brown adipose tissue activity.”


Artificial light impacts nearly every biological system, and it doesn’t even take very much to have an appreciable effect (think: checking your smart phone or watching a television show on your iPad in bed at night).  In this study, adding 4 hours to the usual 12 hours of light slammed the autonomic nervous system, disrupting sympathetic input into brown adipose leading to a significant increase in body fat  “despite not eating more or moving less.”



Circadian arrhythmia pwns CICO —- remember the adipose-specific Bmal1-knockouts?  “they burn fewer calories to do the same amount of work, similar to weight-reduced humans”   …inducible leptin-resistance?



Funny thing, this resulted in a direct effect on heat production via uncoupling (ie, can’t be “out-exercised”), in a system that could be band-aided with cold exposure.  Take a page out of Jack Kruse’s handbook and have a cold bath?  …or just tune out the artificial light & tech devices.


Excess artificial light is a circadian disruptor: same diet & exercise will have a very different impact on someone with circadian misalignment.  IT WON’T WORK UNTIL CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS ARE FIXED.  #Sisyphus.



actigrams and circadian periodicity



Don’t say it’s a stupid rodent study, Arlet Nedeltcheva showed the same thing in humans: hypocaloric diet + circadian disruption = lose more lean mass and less fat mass.


muscle and fat loss



Translation: don’t go into a caloric deficit or try to lose weight until AFTER you’ve done everything possible to improve circadian rhythms —– get plenty of sleep, don’t skip or delay breakfast in the morning, wear blue blockers at night, sunlight all day (or a bright light device if necessary).  If these boxes aren’t checked PRIOR TO your weight loss efforts, then more muscle and less fat is lost; so even if you start paying attention to circadian rhythms later in the game, you’re already significantly handicapped.

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