Postprandial glucose variability and reward centers of the brain. What now?


*phew* had to get that off my chest

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A couple new studies making the rounds on social media. Being misinterpreted, or misunderstood, or just lied about. So, just another Tuesday 😛

Tweet thread. Might be more succinct, Idk:

Diets Varying in Carbohydrate Content Differentially Alter Brain Activity in Homeostatic and Reward Regions in Adults (Ebbeling, Holsen, Ludwig, et al., 2021)

Fancy methodology. In brief: 20-week weight loss diet, either high carb (60%), moderate carb (40%), or low carb (20%). Then during weight maintenance, they were brought in to have blood flow to specific brain regions before and after a meal of their respective diet.

They were focusing on “reward” centers of the brain, to see if any of these regions are hyper-activated by specific macronutrients (ie, carbs). And I’ll admit, the authors did just as much to lead the readers to their desired interpretation as did the people yelling about this study on Twitter.

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