One MAD, Two MAD,

Red MAD, Blue MAD.

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OMAD = One Meal A Day. AKA skipping breakfast & lunch then having a huge dinner. Don’t @ me “I break my fast at 6pm!” It’s still called dinner.

It’s a fairly rare practice, although both low carb OMAD & high carb OMAD groups have their respective echo chambers on social media. I said respective, not respectful 😛

Both groups also claim their method makes this type of fasting more tolerable, but I have doubts… in general (not OMAD), studies don’t show systematic differences in adherence/attrition/drop outs on HC vs. LC. But there are anecdotes, and that’s fine.

My only qualms (aside from the logical fallacy thing about how the people who don’t achieve success with a particular diet usually just move on to something else, whereas those who do tend to be very loud about it online)…

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