The totality of evidence favors some manner of eTRF: 6 vs. 3 vs. 2 meals/d

Two studies. one compared 6 vs. 3 meals per day (Jakubowicz et al., 2019); the other 6 vs. 2 (Kahleova et al., 2014).

BOTH eTRF!!!!! Finally.

Tl;dr #1: with regard to body composition, 3 protein-containing meals/d seems to be the sweet spot. Muscle likes frequent feedings, but no additional benefit is seen beyond 3x/d.

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Tl;dr #2: If you’re gonna IF, the totality of evidence favors some manner of eTRF.

According to the data, the traditional 3 meal/d eTRF is great, less hunger, more satiating, etc. Or is you want to be like some anti-aging guru and skip dinner a few times/wk & go to bed hungry for that hormetic response or something, there are data supporting that too.

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