Diabetes Education to Lower Insulin, Sugars, and Hunger (the DELISH study)

Interesting lipid findings from the DELISH study (Mason et al., 2019).

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The nefarious “sdLDL” — whether you’re a believer or not in any cholesterol hypothesis relating to health, most agree that if LDL levels predict disease, it’s the small dense ones that do it best.

DELISH was a good study. Not a super-intensive double-blind randomized crossover study of keto vs. SAD, but rather a moderately ketogenic (> 0.3 mM bHB), “cut out the sugar & processed foods” intervention.

It worked.

The participants cut their carb intake in half but maintained baseline fibre intake suggesting indeed, they were cutting out processed carbs, not non-starchy ones, green leafys, berries, etc.

In the intro, it is mentioned that sometimes, LDL-C increases on a ketogenic diet. This has more to do with the specific foods than the macro’s or process of ketogenesis, and that was a general theme of this paper.

Indeed, this one had to do with red meat…. ooooohhh

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