The studies on high carb, high fibre diets for T2DM

40 years late, sue me 🙂

These small, short duration studies suggest switching people from an ADA diet to a high carb, high fibre, whole food-based diet (HCF) would be of benefit in T2DM (Kiehm et al., 1976 and Anderson and Ward, 1979) (and longer-term follow-up with similar results).

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These studies have been blogged about. Like, a lot.

The diets were approximately isocaloric (not much weight loss on either); lower protein in the first study, same protein in the second.

Study design: relatively weak — 1 week on ADA diet, followed by 2 weeks HCF.

Strengths: the second study was in a metabolic ward and controlled for protein, and the long-term follow-up was at 15 months. Weight stable for the most part.

Here’s the rub:

  1. HCF didn’t work in the most insulin resistant group. Fasting glucose actually seemed to improve a bit on ADA and then appeared to deteriorate in some individuals on HCF.

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