Have circadian arrhythmia long enough, Type 2 then Type 3 Diabetes

ApoE4: The door to insulin resistant dyslipidemia and brain fog? a case report (Stoykovich and Gibas, 2019).

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A retired business who was exposed to artificial light, day and night, his entire adult life. Insomnia. Last 15 years had T2D. Now, foggy thinking, forgetfulness, and impaired verbal fluency.

We aren’t given many details about his 10-week hypocaloric ketogenic diet but that’s OK in this case, as ‘hypocaloric’ was confirmed via weight loss, ketosis was confirmed via ketometer, and, well, this:

A little weight loss goes a long way. And those ketones may have helped, too…

Flash forward and we get this:

Ketones improves apolipoprotein E4-related memory deficiency via sirtuin 3 (Yin et al., 2019)

Wait, is it Sirt3 -> ketones or vice versa?

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