the happy fun low carb ice cream roundup

and comparison chart!

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disclaimer: trigger warning?

Many new players in the game and most companies do things a little differently (to stand out, one-up the competition, manage costs, ice cream flavor/texture, etc., etc.): more or less protein; sweeteners, fibre, etc.

Not to go all YOLO #IIFYketo on you, but many of the macro breakdowns can be compatible with you. Just don’t be a full-pinter (more on this below).

The most popular is Halo Top, so that’s the arbitrary comparator.

N.B. a serving size is 1/4 pint…….. I know, I know, I’m no fun; but… don’t be a full-pinter 🙂

for the obvious reasons, but also because some of these have fibres or sweeteners or other ingredients that may disagree with you

Lastly, for the sake of ease, I tried to compare just the vanilla’s.

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calories proper

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