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All of a sudden I see a flurry of new low carb protein bars. A couple new players to discuss.

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disclaimer (trigger warning?): stop here if you think low carb protein bars are garbage. I don’t think that, and think they can be helpful as a good source of protein and fibre (most of them).

disclaimer #2: when judging flavor & texture, one rule: you have to play fair. These aren’t gourmet fine dining. Like, if you had to give a perfect 10/10 to a protein bar and judge the rest relevant to that one. Because if you compared them all to Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or whatever, they’d all be 1/10.

convenient, not gourmet delicacies

less funny meme:

more funny meme:

Not all of them are new. For the sake of comparison, Quest — it’s basically where the bar is set imo, especially now since they switched to a better prebiotic fibre (soluble corn fibre) and considerably improved the flavor & texture). FitCrunch is closer to a meal replacement than a protein snack.

There are a few more nuances and details discussed about the true newcomers….

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