keto for the young and old (2 studies)

or another lesson on how energy balance nearly always has the final say on metabolic outcomes

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I liked these studies, not because they were perfectly designed (they weren’t) or well-controlled (they weren’t) but because of the data presentation.

disclaimer: at this point, I’m less interested in the one-diet-to-rule-them-all, and more interested into presenting a variety of options, to accommodate more lifestyles, etc., and examples of what to expect according to specific study results. Ymmv (I know I know)

Two studies: one in ages 9-17 with obesity and NAFLD and the other in ages 60-75 with obesity. Both were 8 weeks, low(ish) carb vs. low(ish) fat, controlled(ish) for protein, and well-intentioned.

Mostly whole foods, no ultra-processed foods.

spoiler alert: as alluded to above, the results largely followed energy balance with modest influence of macro’s…

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