High protein diet: UNLEASH THE TABOO

At first, this article reads like a sarcastic blog post or something (Kalantar-Zadeh et al., 2019).

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[their words in italics; my commentary is not]

How often have you been told to eat more protein and less carbohydrates to stay healthy?

Uhmmm, never?

This is not an emerging food culture but rather a prevailing dogma in our society.

What society is that?!

Physicians, dietitians and other health care professionals tell us constantly about the advantages of a high-protein diet (HPD), such as losing weight rapidly, burning calories, diminishing appetite, preventing obesity, managing metabolic syndrome and treating diabetes. 

Which physicians!

This contemporary creed has gone so far that we feel continuously pressured to eat more protein and less carbohydrates, including even less fruits and vegetables. 

Am I taking crazy pills?

We feel compelled to eat only the meat patty of the sandwich and leave behind the bun when eating in front of others, otherwise we may lose credibility among friends and peers. 

Yes, crazy pills.

If somebody dares to recommend a ‘low-protein diet’ (LPD) or, even worse, to imply that ‘HPD may cause harm’, then it would be considered a serious aberration to health and a taboo.

This is some seriously emotionally charged stuff. TABOO! And as I read on, it became clear…….

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