#eTRF strikes again

Two weeks of early time-restricted feeding improves skeletal muscle insulin and anabolic sensitivity in healthy men (Jones et al., 2020)
because that’s what #eTRF does.

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Use Intermittent Fasting To Take Your Health To The Next ...

a little background

-this group of researchers do a lot of diet/exercise work and published a bunch of papers showing intermittent fasting is #nothingsauce. Then they came to the realization that it wasn’t IF per se, but rather breakfast skipping. Thus, they jumped on the bandwagon of the plethora of new research showing the beneficial effects of species-appropriate circadian meal timing lol 🙂

a little more background

Recall the studies of Jacobs and Hirsh. They famously tested one-meal-a-day (OMAD), breakfast-only vs. dinner-only. The breakfast-only group lost weight. Upon reviewing food logs, they discovered the breakfast-only group spontaneously ate less in this ad lib setting.

Step 2: they repeated the study but provided the subjects with same meals, isocaloric. Breakfast-only group still lost more weight!

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