Chocolate for breakfast and avoiding late-evening meals sustains fat burning :)

wait, WUT? lol OK, the chocolate thing came from a study in rats (albeit a pretty interesting study).

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First, the human study:

Eating breakfast and avoiding late-evening snacking sustains lipid oxidation (Kelly et al., 2020)

They called it a “snack,” but really it was identical/isocaloric to the breakfast meal. We’ll call it “dinner (D),” and it was shifted about 4.5 hours later than in the breakfast group (B).

They found that a late dinner gimped fat oxidation over night. Carb oxidation was higher, kinda like when you exercise O_o

Why are you burning more carbs when you sleep? …and burning less during the day. Maybe this contributes to the consistent blood glucose-lowering effects of #eTRF

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These pork rinds are the bomb. Seriously! And if you like spicy

Get some dark chocolate, too 🙂

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