What type of obesity are you? [rhetorical]

Trigger warning: there is a lot of talk about obesity pharmacotherapy below. I know, some people don’t like this. New paper, pretty interesting, couldn’t resist…

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In the past I’ve said there are many pathways to obesity & diabetes; not one common cause, and this would result in many different phenotypes and quite possibly different effective treatment modalities. 

For example, some people get impaired fasting glucose but normal glucose tolerance; others maintain normal fasting glucose but impaired glucose tolerance. 

Some people a large part of their annual weight gain (about half) in a short period around the holidays and either just not lose it the rest of the year or gain at a much slower rate.

Stress, injury, sleep,,, many factors.

There’s something called “restrained eating.” It’s where some people can have a cookie and be fine while others will have a cookie and think they’ve blown their diet for the day and follow it with an entire package of cookies. I got blowback for pointing out that this accounted for about 20% of people with obesity. I know some low carbers who think that number is closer to 100%, but it’s not. Maybe 30%. Not 30% of all people, but 30% of people with obesity.

Now this:

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