The current state of affairs in nutri-Twitter


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1) It’s almost as if you’re either:

a red meat-eating 110% keto-advocate


you think red meat and a ketogenic diet is harmful.


If you don’t say the diet is magical, the zealots will try to trick you into, or outright accuse you of saying it’s harmful.



2. And the protein/kidney debate re-surfaced again recently. To be clear: no studies have shown direct harmful effects of protein on kidney function. The studies cited by KDOQI are observational and on end-stage renal disease. Not mild kidney disease or slightly impaired renal function. If I had ESRD, I’d rather play it safe and not enroll in one of Jose Antonio’s high protein diet studies (~4.4 g/kg lol).

I’m pro-LC and HP but not anti-LF. Humans have thrived on a wide variety of diets over time regardless of macronutrient composition. Food quality seems more important in this context.

3. If ketones are muscle-sparing, then…

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