magnesium (Mg) salts

There are a lot of ’em!

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The preferred form was historically Mg oxide because it had the highest Mg content but that was basically the worst form lol 🙂

citrate, chloride, lactate, aspartate > oxide (Firoz and Graber, 2001)

least bioavailable, may help indigestion, but also here’s your laxative….

And the two power players: Mg bisglycinate chelate and Mg threonate.

Magnesium deficiency: What you need to know to avoid disease

Deficiency actually isn’t uncommon because most people’s diet sucks (proton pump inhibitors, alcoholism, etc.). RDA is 400 mg but since hopefully you’re getting some Mg from your diet, I wouldn’t take 400 mg. And definitely not all at once.

Now on to the two biggies…

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calories proper

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