Artificial light at night: effects on obesity and diabetes

“There is now substantial evidence that exposure to blue-rich light in the evening and at night increases the risk of obesity and diabetes (Moore-Ede 2018)”

I concur.

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The upstream mediator is disruption of the circadian system. More downstream is melatonin suppression and phase shifting which promote nutrient anti-partitioning, late eating patterns, mindlessly poorer food choices, etc., etc.



Don’t get me wrong, sunlight in the morning and during the day is great… it’s even protective against artificial light at night (ALAN)-induced melatonin suppression… it’s just this ALAN we’re talking about.

Obesity is almost doubled in people who sleep with the lights on at night. I have no idea how this happens, maybe by accident, or they just fall asleep reading or something. But for whatever reason, risk of obesity = doubled.

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