Light and food in the morning

Suggested pre-reading: Metabolism at night



Recently, when the topic of breakfast came up, I got something like this: “correlation isn’t causation, and anyway, it’s because people aren’t eating bacon & eggs at night, they’re having cake & alcohol.”

OK, you can’t say “correlation isn’t causation” and then suggest a cause, literally, in the same sentence.

But anyway, yeah, that actually is a plausible cause. Cake & alcohol are mainly consumed at night.

Also, metabolism is gimped in the evening: 1) skeletal muscle insulin resistance; 2) adipose tissue insulin sensitivity; and 3) impaired diet-induced thermogenesis.




Also, studies that directly tested One-Meal-A-Day (OMAD), breakfast vs. dinner (eg, Jacobs and Hirsh).



Tl;dr: for 3 weeks they had their subjects eating OMAD, ad lib, in the morning or evening.  The breakfast group lost more weight.  They were less hungry, so they ate less ad lib, so… CICO?  Maybe, but they did a follow-up study controlling for calories.  SAME THING HAPPENED.  This may be due to better nutrient partitioning, but also food in the morning = higher diet-induced thermogenesis.




Low carb or low fat Hunger-Free Diet(s) — good things happen when central & peripheral circadian clocks are properly co-entrained by light & food.

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  • Al

    How many calories did they eat per day?

  • Eb11b

    How does this tie into the study of the Warrior diet where they lost weight and gain muscle while not even lifting?

    • they didn’t test it against a breakfast-only group… in other words, the subjects may have done *better* if they ate in the morning

      also, in the Warrior Diet study: “Disadvantage: the participants were hungry”

      • Eb11b

        So what is your suggested eating pattern for people who can only exercise in the afternoon? Still eat most of your calories in the AM and after your workout in the PM, post workout recovery meal of medium to small calorie size? Just make sure it has protein?

        • Yeah, pretty much. Most studies on protein timing (relative to workout schedule) show no big effect.