How to manage painful muscle cramps

(I think)

disclaimer: to the best of my knowledge, the causes and cures of painful muscle cramps are unknown. Researchers have studied nearly every electrolyte & metabolite in people who don’t get cramps, people who get cramps, people who get cramps while they’re actively experiencing a painful muscle cramp, and when they’re not.




This is about idiopathic painful muscle cramps. Pregnancy, dialysis, and cirrhosis-related cramps may be completely different.



It happened to me. Here’s what I did.

Day 1: I first banked on the electrolyte & quinine theories. Had some homemade broth & various store-bought stocks (20% off Kettle & Fire’s awesome broths HERE!). Ate more seafood (for a lot of things, but also minerals). And diet tonic water for the quinine.

Day 2: Rx for 2g potassium BID and Doc recommended 400 IU vitamin E at night (I had no idea why at the time).

Cramping seemed to exhibit a circadian component, worsening as the day progressed but totally gone in the morning.

Day 3: pickle juice. Gross, I know, but I was getting desperate. (And it was regular pickle juice, not these cool pickle juice shots.)



Same symptoms as day 2, except in the evening I took 5mg diazepam (Valium) and 500 mg naproxen (Aleve). That was the first thing that actually provided relief.

Day 4: went to a new doc for a second opinion; he knew I was on potassium & recommended tonic water. So I started drinking a lot more tonic water… was getting sick of pickle juice anyway.



400 mg magnesium glycinatetopical spray-on magnesium


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