Melatonin is the chemical expression of darkness.

Melatonin is secreted from the pineal gland, the seat of the soul, the third eye.   Pinealectomy induces circadian arrhythmia and has interesting effects on adipose tissue biology.

Exhibit A.  In 2004, Alonso-Vale and colleagues showed that 6 weeks after pinealectomy, [melatonin-deficient] rats subjected to fasting exhibited an impaired energy conservation response.  That is, they lost more weight and significantly depleted their adipocytes:


Adipocytes isolated from pinealectomized rats exhibited lower glucose uptake, higher glucose oxidation, and lower de novo lipogenesis:

glucose uptake

glucose metabolism

Collectively, these results suggest frank melatonin deficiency, while not advised, has long-lasting impacts on adipocyte biology which manifest as failure to conserve energy.  Interestingly, glucose and insulin levels in the fed and fasted states weren’t affected, but glucocorticoids were chronically elevated, and leptin plummeted to a significantly greater degree upon fasting in pinealectomized rats compared to controls:

fasting leptin and cortisol

The leptin data are interesting because they would predict enhanced energy conservation, but this isn’t what happens.  Glucocorticoids usually rise at night, after melatonin peaks.  No melatonin, exacerbated increase in glucocorticoids – melatonin appears to negatively regulate this axis and boost the anabolic potential of adipocytes.

melatonin and cortisol

Exhibit B.  In 2006, Alonso-Vale followed-up these studies by exposing isolated adipocytes to melatonin in circadian fashion, and assessing how this affected the response to insulin and glucocorticoids (dexamethasone).

The left and right parts of the figure below show no melatonin and chronic melatonin, respectively.  Insulin alone has little direct effect on leptin secretion [in this model], and dexamethasone is stimulatory and enhanced by insulin:

insulin dex melatonin


But when melatonin is exposed to the cells in circadian fashion (middle section), insulin induces leptin secretion, dexamethasone even more so, and the combination shows an even bigger effect.

leptin and cortisol

Leptin presumably rises during the day in response to the positive energy balance induced by eating.  It declines at night because you’re fasting.  Insulin potentiates this.  Melatonin alone has no effect, but when adipocytes are exposed to melatonin proper (circadian), the leptin response to insulin (and glucocorticoids) becomes apparent.

When melatonin is absent, as in the pinealectomized rats, the elevated levels of glucocorticoids aren’t able to support leptin secretion.  This study shows that circadian melatonin proper restores this.  Further, melatonin promotes energy conservation (as per the pinealectomized rat study), but we don’t want ‘no melatonin;’ that facilitated energy wasting but would ruin sleep quality.

Exhibit C. Alonso-Vale did another study similar to the second (circadian melatonin), but did experiments similar to the first (adipocyte glucose metabolism) (2008).

First things first, insulin has the potential to bollix circadian gene expression.  In the figure below, Clock is elevated in the dark period regardless of insulin (left half of figure); but the decline in Clock expression during the light phase is blunted in the presence of insulin:

Clock melatonin

This wasn’t true for all of the circadian genes analyzed; some were affected by insulin equally in both phases whereas others weren’t affected at all.  I think the net effect is: no bueno.

And in agreement with the 2004 findings, melatonin enhances the incorporation of glucose into adipocyte lipids (and this is accentuated by insulin).  Interestingly, the effect of insulin was suppressed in the absence of melatonin:

melatonin glucose de novo

…despite elevated FAS:


Melatonin also suppressed lipolysis, and this was [surprisingly] not enhanced by insulin:

melatonin lipolysis

Lastly, insulin alone induced leptin secretion [in this model] and this was enhanced by melatonin:

leptin mel slin

The way in which melatonin induces energy conservation thus seems to be at least partly independent from leptin and the nervous system; by increasing the anabolic potential of adipocytes.

The Israeli cop study showed that restricting carbs to dinner resulted in weight loss.  However, these studies imply that dinner might not be the best time? …melatonin + insulin = adipocyte growth.

calories proper

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  • HughdePayens

    Not sure if this means to supplement with melatonin or not.

    • William Lagakos

      neither, really. I’d choose AM bright light exposure and blue blockers at night over melatonin supps.

      However, compared to other hypnotics, melatonin is relatively safe.

      • Jack Kruse

        You said,” Leptin presumably rises during the day in response to the positive energy balance induced by eating. It declines at night because you’re fasting. ” I say: What is out during the day everywhere on Earth? Sunlight. Consider the difference between electrons and photons. So far on my site I have been using both terms interchangeably. Does biology do that, however? Has Lady evolution discovered a way to separate the two to her advantage? This is why DHA is special. The electron is a particle which has a certain tiny mass and negative electric charge. A particular electron exists at a specific position in space, travelling in a certain direction at a certain speed*. If you accelerate an electron (eg if it passes close to a proton), it causes a disturbance in the electromagnetic field (think about what happens in a mitochondria now), which will propagate away from the disturbed electron at the speed of light. We call this propagating packet of energy a photon. Electrons and photons both respond to the electromagnetic force because they carry a charge, but they differ in: mass: electron is 9×10?31 kg; photon is zero (what did I say about massless energy? The brain is organized all around photons…….not electrons.) BOOM This is why optokinetics research has shocked people but it has not shocked me. I knew we could use light to cause alterations in NT, hormones, circuits, and in health reversals. charge: electron is negative, ?1.6×10?19 Coulombs; photon is zero speed: electron may be zero, or anything less than the speed of light; for a photon in a vacuum, it always travels at exactly the speed of light (a bit slower in denser media like the brain) spin: electron: half; photon: 1 (big deal) antiparticle: electrons have positrons; photons have themselves (another big deal) For more, see: or Besides electrons, other particles of matter like protons, positrons and mesons also carry an electric charge, and have a position and velocity in space. They differ in many ways from each other, but their electric charge also makes them respond to the electromagnetic force. *Footnote: Quantum theory says you can’t exactly know its position & velocity, but that’s another topic in Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

        • Jack Kruse

          Now for why WOO’s recent out burst regarding leptin shows ignorance: So it begs what should be your next question……….how does an electron become a photon in the brain? Remember Bill the leptin receptor is in the hypothalamus with no BBB. You know Einstein photoelectric effect treats electron and photons the same…….but what I have I told you in levee one in my Quilt document? The field of action determines everything. If the optics in the brain are perfected between water, DHA, and magnetism, an electron caught by DHA becomes a photon. A photon is created when electrons return to their domestic state from a chaotic state they are caught in. Maybe now you see why seafood is the key piece to what paleo and WOO miss. It is the ultimate catcher’s mitt for “massless energy”. Valence electrons move from atom to atom, polarizing each atom and making them either positive or negative. You will see this polarization is huge in OSF 3 (next blog). When the electron moves back to its original atom and enters a domestic state, the electron releases a photon. This is huge for the leptin receptor too.

          • Jack Kruse

            A photon is in sunlight during the day……you know that Bill or Woo?

          • Jack Kruse

            So your next point of reference should be what? Now you maybe realizing why the skin and brain are derived from the same tissue……ectoderm. Your skin is how you sense and capture light that is transferred over your collagen water semiconductors directly the the dura matter surrounding your brain. From there the collagen is adjacent to water……in CSF. When the light signals are off what happens? melatonin drops , IL 6 rises and DHEA falls. What else? The output of the SNS drops like a lead balloon. The captured light energy is transferred to the CSF and them electrifies the unmyelinated neocortex. This makes perfect yoking for cortisol and melatonin when the systems optics is perfectly transducing night and day. This no longer exists any where. Unmyelinated cells are very sensitive to the electromagnetic spectrum and force. So in the darkest place in your head……..there is a tremendous light signal. Very quantum, don’t you think? This should also point out why Vitamin D levels are tied directly to the electrons turned into photons. Vitamin D is a proxy for energy captured in them…….while the Vitamin A cycle in the brain is generated by the retinal cells that sense the photoperiod of the days length. These two aspects of light must be codified by the brain to make sense of the environment. This is why RXR and VDR are yoked…….it is also why the human retina has more DHA in it than the brain does. When you skin has no DHA or poor water or bad collagen your Vit D levels cave…… also helps explain why human primates lost their hair. We eat sunlight via our skin.

          • Jack Kruse

            How can photons have energy and momentum, but no mass? Classically (according to Newton) kinetic energy is given by and the momentum is given by , where m is the mass and v is the velocity. But if you plug in the mass and velocity for light you get E=1/2mv2 . But that’s no good mathematically. If light didn’t carry energy, it wouldn’t be able to heat stuff up and we know it does. The difficulty comes from the fact that Newton’s laws paint an incomplete (and ultimately incorrect) picture. When Einstein’s relativity came along it was revealed that there’s a fundamental difference in the physics of the massive and the massless. I have been pounding that into your brains for sometime now whether you know it or not. Relativity makes the (experimentally backed) assumptions that: #1) it doesn’t matter whether, or how fast, you’re moving (all physical laws stay the same) and #2) the speed of light is invariant (always the same to everyone). Any object with mass travels slower than light and so may as well be stationary (#1). (Big deal in the brain’s quantum computer) Anything with zero mass always travels at the speed of light. (human brain) But since the speed-of-light is always the speed-of-light to everyone (#2) there’s no way for these objects to ever be stationary (unlike massive stuff). Vive la différence des lois! It’s not important here, but things (like light) that travel at the speed of light never experience the passage of time. Isn’t that awesome? This means the closer we get to turning electrons into photons the longer life span and health span becomes. So what is the name of the game if you are a human…….collect electrons and turn them into to photons in the brain which then delivers that energy all over your power grid. any break in the system causes us to lose this critical relationship…….when it is lost…….time gets its arrow of direction. This is why the cookie crumbles and eggs can not be put back together again. The critical point is: light and ordinary matter are very different, and the laws that govern them are just as different. This is why EMF 2 is a big deal (one of my earliest blogs on this topic)…………… In 1905 Einstein managed to write a law that works whenever: . The same year (almost unbelievable) he figured out that light is both a particle and a wave and that the energy of a photon isn’t governed by it’s mass or it’s velocity (like matter is), but instead is governed entirely by f, it’s frequency: E=hf, where h is Planck’s constant. For light m=0, so E=Pc (energy and momentum are proportional). Notice that you can never have zero momentum, since something with zero mass and zero energy isn’t something, it’s nothing. This is just another way of using words to say that light can never be stationary anywhere. Also! Say you have an object with mass m, that isn’t moving (P=0). Then you get: E=mc2 ! THIS IS THE LAW of the UNIVERSE. Not subject to beliefs theories or RCT’s or WOO’s beliefs she has it all correct about leptin. These are the rules that govern my ideas now.

          • Jack Kruse

            The extraordinary conservation and irreplaceable nature of DHA in neuronal signaling and its high concentration in the photoreceptors of the retina can be explained if it functions as an electron tunnelling device providing quantized signals. The retina has more DHA in it than any other part of the brain. Quantum mechanical treatment explains the absolute precision of the membrane depolarization in phototransduction. This precision is essential to human visual acuity and synaptic signaling. Quantum mechanics also happens to explain why the photoreceptors are oriented in a counter-intuitively manner away from incoming light. This is true in the retina with the most light sensitive cells deepest in the retina and the neocortex below the skull in what some think is total darkness……….but is not. I just showed you why that is the case.

          • Jack Kruse

            The irony no one seems to appreciate in all animals since K-T is that DHA has been the master of DNA since the beginning of mammal evolution. Mammalian proteins are selected to function with the constancy of DHA in the back round controlling things……subatomic things. If one changes endogenously……… one should not continue to live with the same internal thoughts of yesterday. They reflect one’s mind and the psyche of your yesterday’s………….when you are trying to get to your optimal tomorrow. This is a major problem for those who struggle on paleo sites …….you have to let the data of the 3 legged stool guide you………where it takes you is where you need to be not where you desire to be. This is one of the reasons I can’t get behind paleo…… is yesterday’s thought of 10,000 yrs ago when the world was a far different place. The world has certainly, changed but the laws of the universe are the same. This is why paleo has a deep deep problem. The reason they don’t understand me is because they do not get the laws of the universe. Their leaders beliefs are their main problem. Woo’s belief’s are hers too.

          • Jack Kruse

            The leptin receptor has 4 parts to it. Each part functions differently when it is ionized by electrons and photons. The leptin receptor in the human brain is an optical photo transducer of the photoelectric effect. It is an electron counter. Simple. When you are LR you can not count well because optics in the brains tissue is altered due to altered water chemistry. This is why neurosurgeons can alter the optics with 3% saline when the brain swells for any reason. When protons rise in CSF swelling occurs. Think Hyperlipid. The loss of 1 or 2 electrons in mitochondria are signals we use for autophagy and apoptosis to change our mitochondria to the environment. We have SOD1 to monitor these. When melatonin drops you can no longer use autophagy to change mitochondria so you get locked in to the redox shift. LR is one of these cases. There are other ways of jump starting this program again. My Leptin Rx does just that. Because I understand how the brain works optically. It is time for many people to upgrade their knowledge and beliefs. Yes WOO……..I am talking to you. You are too smart to believe the nonsense you do. When you lose electrons to a massive degree Fenton reactions are the result in mitochondria. This happens with the loss of 3 or more electrons from mitochondria. The result is crazy amounts of protons emitting from the mitochondrial matrix causing swelling. The change programs however wont work any more. SO what happens? Stem cells get depleted. Here SOD1 can no longer work because more than 3 electrons are being lose constantly……this destroys the Leptin receptor and it ruins cortisol and melatonin yoking. IL 6 spikes in CSF. All of this is tied to balance of electrons and protons at the mitochondrial level.

          • Jack Kruse

            When electrons are lost in the brain DHA breaks down into resolving and protectins. They protect from ROS. Remember one electron loss = superoxide, 2= H2O2 (hydroperoxides). In addition, hydroperoxides cause direct signaling changes in mitochondria via mediated apoptosis, such as cytochrome c release, increased expression of Bcl-2, as well as a dose-dependent attenuation of mitochondrial membrane potential. This all causes mitochondrial mass to increase…………..while electrons are lost.

            Pretty important stuff here. When the DHA is exhausted brain damage is the result. IT can happen locally or globally. A local effect is an eating disorder.

          • Jack Kruse

            The DHA double bonds consist of a sigma bond and a pi bond. By subtracting 80 kcal/mole (the sigma bond energy) from 145 kcal/mole (the C=C bond energy) we can calculate that the pi bond has a dissociation energy of about 65 kcal/mole. This is much less than the sigma bond energy, and therefore pi bonds are more reactive than sigma bonds. This means that, all things being equal, the pi electron bonds of DHA are more likely to undergo activation by light. The brain is all about light because 35-40% of all lipids in membranes in the brain are DHA.

          • Jack Kruse

            Anything massless in nature is found in the human brain. Massless bosons are photons and electrons and solitons. I wrote the following in my Quantum Brain blog. Solitons, massless bosons or coherent polarization waves are likely all synonymous sources of energy. We know from diffusion weighted MRI that neurons swell just prior to activation. This swelling could begin a soliton in the brain just like an earthquake begins a tsunami in the ocean. In deep water one never realizes the size or power of the wave, but as the depth and thickness of the water column changes the waves power gets bigger. From the brain’s cortical mantle to the outflow white matter tracts the diameter of the pathways of CSF narrow dramatically. This anatomic arrangement is ideal for generation of solitons. We know experimentally from physics that these types of soliton waves can be confined and propagated as beams of energy to be 15 nanometers in diameter. This also happens to be the inner diameter of the microtubules everywhere in our body. This is a massively important size relationship to remember as the blog rolls on. I do not think this situation is a happen-chance coincidence at all. I think it is part of quantum fractal design. It is what forms the power to evolve consciousness in life. We stimulate solitons when we touch or massage our tissues. Modern research shows that relatively long-lived dark solitons have been produced and studied extensively even in biology. Tsunami’s are a great example of a soliton in nature.

          • Jack Kruse

            There is so much people are leaving on the table in this area it is not funny. I am going subatomic…….because that is where the data has lead me.

          • Jack Kruse

            Food is not the issue. Bill has been masterful at pointing this out over his last 5 blogs. I’ll make it simple: Your sip code determines you circadian cycles. Your zip code is more important than your genetic code. Bad zip code = poor autophagy = poor sleep = electron steal syndrome = all diseases………..

          • Jack Kruse

            You need the magnetic field to turn electrons to photons in the brain……if you are a mammal because this is how DHA works in neural circuits.

          • Wenchypoo

            Give us examples of bad zip codes, please. I think I may live in one for other reasons…like crime and taxes.

          • Jack Kruse

            Any major city in the world built with a steel infrastructure and cell towers.

          • William Lagakos

            “DHA has been the master of DNA since the beginning of mammal evolution…”

            this is one of the best papers I’ve read this year, and the only one to address this topic ? “A quantum theory for the irreplaceable role of DHA in neural cell signalling throughout evolution.”


          • Ash Simmonds

            Well that settles it – my diet of mainlining salmon skin and snorting photon torpedoes slams the polar moment of inertia on a sub-atomic scale.

            ROCK ON!

          • Ash Simmonds

            One thing that bugs me, I’ve read all I ever can on EPA/DHA and how it was crucial to us developing from a basic primate-ish thing to a thinking being. So – why hasn’t this spark happened for any other form of life, specifically marine mammals that subsist entirely on the foods that in moderate amounts got us cranking along?

            I reckon we’re probably just a biological oddity, an evolutionary mistake that somehow caught on. We probably had all this figgered out, but as in Mass Effect, every 50,000 years or so we wipe ourselves out and start again. RELEASE THE REAPERS.

          • Jack Kruse

            The answer is simple Ash. You need to Read my Brain gut series 1-5. The chimp to humans transition was due to DHA and the strong magnetic field under the East African Rift. It is where 3 tectonic plates have separated. this drove a new evolutionary trajectory in primates.

          • Jack Kruse

            Iodine, in concert with DHA and cholesterol all become one massive semiconductor in your brain…….any loss of any part cause voltage drops on your EEG. (hold this thought)Iodine is one of 7 nonmetals exist as diatomic molecules in their standard states. Iodine however has some interesting emergent properties. In crystalline form, is semi-lustrous, and a semiconductor in the direction of its layers, both of these attributes being consistent with incipient metallic character. It is also a great insulator. This makes it idea to work in neural synapses to protect DHA and to augment electron tunneling across the synapse. Because iodine has a higher atomic number than the bad halogens, it can intercalate between DHA in synapses to semiconduct. This is how thyroid hormones work as well. Iodine also forms strong hydrogen binding networks which means it works well with water. Iodine most important affect with DHA is its strong electron affinity…….it helps move electrons from the pi electron cloud between DHA molecules at synapses.

          • Jack Kruse

            Now go back 7 months on my forum to the October webinar thread………when I dropped some serious bread crumbs of what is coming:

            Then consider this new finding……..a laser can make a metal a semiconductor. What did I tell you about the pineal’s ability in structuring water? The exact same thing happens in sleep. We create a massive semiconductor in our ventricular system to regenerate when we sleep.

            “Their findings suggest that it’s possible to alter the electronic properties of a material — for example, changing it from a conductor to a semiconductor — just by changing the laser beam’s polarization.” The pineal changes water’s ability to polarize. And in the Nov webinar you are going to hear a lot more about polarization of water.


            Now for the cholesterol bomb I dropped but everyone missed back then:

            The suitability of liquid crystal photonic bandgap fiber devices for filters, wave-plates or sensors is highly dependent on the tunability of the transmission spectrum……This means that when it happens in water the associated electromagnetic spectrum becomes critical to proper photoelectric transduction………

   Express Denmark LC.pdf

            This also happens with cholesterol as well. It is modulated to become a semiconductor by photons and electrons in cell membranes.


            Ash iodine replaced Vitamin C in humans. The reason is buried in BG 1-5. Cholesterol is part of neurologic semiconduction that occurs on the human neocortex but it needs all the constituent parts to work optimally.

          • William Lagakos

            “Iodine as an antioxidant”

          • William Lagakos


          • William Lagakos

            This is a cousin of fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)

      • Wenchypoo

        5-HTP? It helps you make serotonin.

        • Jack Kruse

          and fries your brain

          • LeonRover

            Wot, Jack, yr brain got fried just one time, & diddums can’t share context with dePayens or WenchyPoo ?

            Too much /-HTTP hath made you mad, but only when the wind is from the north north west; when it is southerly, you can tell /-HTTP from 5-HTP.

            My implausible Certainty Principle speculates that yr Website Manager Babe split due to being ” non-assured of uncertain uncertainties” – props Thomas Stearns Eliot. She couldnae take the shite anymore, as Billy Connolly would describe it.

    • Jack Kruse

      Never. Well there is one time. But I am not going there here. You need context for that

  • mikemarkham

    Ahh, so not eating before bed might not be a myth?

    • William Lagakos

      it’s likely context-dependent. Restricting carbs to dinner worked in this study:

      …but given the potential overlap with melatonin, a carb-rich meal immediately prior to bedtime might not be optimal.

      • Jack Kruse

        especially if you are leptin resistant.

      • Wenchypoo

        Restricting carbs to dinner, restricting how often he gets them, plus restricting the source of carbs seems to work for Hubby’s fasting BG levels.

  • Michael

    If one’s seat had no soul, hypothetically speaking, would that affect melatonin secretion?

    Btw, the Vatican is very much aware of the pineal gland’s significance:

    • William Lagakos

      Vampires lack a soul and live in perpetual darkness, without any influence of the melatonin-suppressive effects of sunlight. So, hypothetically speaking, they might have elevated levels of melatonin, more similar to our paleolithic ancestors in winter.

      • johnnyv

        Current vampires can handle the sun now apparently, also they “sparkle” what ever the **** that means. The undead are not as cool as they once were.

  • tess

    uh — how much sense does it make to compare a NOCTURNAL animal’s melatonin with ours? rats have a lot in common with us, but active-time-of-day is not one of them.

    • Jack Kruse

      none….that is why Guyenet is fundamentally wrong.

      • Adrienne


        Interesting stuff.

        However, rather than moving out to the sticks, why not simply use a biophoton light device?

        Also, if you are truly serious about going sub-atomic, you’d understand that there is no death.

        • Jack Kruse

          Because you brain’s optics is the key……..this is what Bill is going to find out. Circadian cycles are perceived by Vitamin A and D. both acts as chromphobes in the tissues of the brain to change its optics how how it deals with electrons and photons. This is the basis of how optokinetics works. They guys at Stanford are realizing the brain works on light. It is not about food and never was. Food is a smaller part of an emerging picture of how physics dictate biologic cycles at all levels. If you read my pseudotumor cerebri blog you would see just how alterations in your photoperiod ruin the Vitamin A cycle in your brain. Vitamin D cycle is how we measure the energy information and spin in the light of that particular day. This is all coupled to RXR and VDR directly to DHA

          • Jack Kruse

            And i do understand there is no death……my next blog will introduce you to why that is true…….you will learn about the thermodynamics of a red giant and what it has in common with mitochondria and telomeres

          • Adrienne

            Thanks Jack. By the guys at Stanford,do you mean the optogeneics guys? If so, ironic that Boyden had his breakthrough moment at 1:00AM — way past the alleged optimal bedtime… Since you think the brain’s optics are the key (odd given that “the key” does not exist if you are truly going sub-atomic), then why not use light emitting headphones (currently available for depression, mood disorders) that shine the light into the ears? Some suggest this if faster and more effective than traditional light box therapy as the light gets to the brain more directly. Also cheaper and way more fun than moving out to the sticks.

            Looking forward to hearing about the red giant despite my penchant for blue (depressed) dwarfs.

          • Chris Mirabile @Healthy Hand

            Along a similar theme, what are your thoughts on LLLT, Jack? Specifically the infrared spectrum, applied to the cranium? There’s a lot of this happening on longecity with inexpensive security LED lights, with some people swearing by the results (improved cognition, memory, etc.). Many of these same people combine it with ubiquinol & PQQ for mitochondrial support – though I don’t know if it makes a difference in this context.

          • Jack Kruse
          • Jack Kruse

            Lasers are something I use on myself to optimize myself. I do not talk about it much. Photons all have different energy levels. High energy level photons are perceived as blue and those with lesser energies get perceived as red. When photons crash into matter they get re routed or absorbed. This interaction is a big deal in the brain. The most common molecule in and around the brain is water. Water molecules selectively absorb low energy photons, which is why water appears blue to us. When water absorbs photons the particle knocks out an electron in DHA and moves it to a higher energy state. The resulting charge excites and electron in the pi electron cloud of DHA in a neuronal membrane causing the DC current to flow. This is the current Robert O Becker found in the 1960’s and could not explain its origin. I can. The semiconductors in us then are used to amplify the electrical signal from every DHA photodiode. This is how the brain collects environmental native EMF and deciphers things.

          • Jack Kruse

            Water + collagen = the basic semiconductor in all life’s systems. Becker’s work.

            All semiconductors fluoresce light. This means they absorb UV light and emit another part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can measure. Collagen and bone fluoresce light in the infrared red spectrum. Most of you should have guessed that. Why? What did Pollack say water absorbs best to charge separate to form the redox potential of water? Infrared. Form meets evolutionary function once again.

            Apatite in bone glows a dull brick red. Collagen fluoresces a very bright blue light. When you look at apatite and collagen you would predict that whole bone would also fluoresce light from whole bone. Yet, Becker found it did not. Bone collagen by itself does not fluoresce because it contains impurities. Remember the analogy I told you about the Intel semiconductor chips? Impurities are called a doping mechanism. Doping changes the properties of the semiconductor in question. Impurities are usually transition metals that can change one form of energy into another. UV light to IR for example. This is what your skin does.

            In bone collagen copper doping of 2 atoms in collagen’s pits change the UV light into a faint ivory blue IR light used to maximally charge separate water in bone to create massive amounts of energy in protons.

          • Jack Kruse

            Non native EMF alters the balance of electrons and photons in collagen and water.

            It is why we have a Vitamin D pandemic of low levels. Skin collagen/water absorbs and rectifies sunlight

            It is why the neocortex is not working well in modern humans because CSF water has a lower EZ: more protons to electrons

            It is why your immune system is not working well. Immune cells form in bone marrow soup and mature in the collagen stroma of the thymus and lymph nodes. When the collagen there has no electrons you get immune fatigue.

            Everything is a redox story not a food story.

          • LeonRover

            Hey, Hack – sorry – Jack.

            As a fantasist sci-fi blogger, could youy give us yr thoughts on how this –


            will conquer death ?

            Is is merely metaphorically as in Dylan Thomas’
            “And death shall have no dominion”

            or just the usual “jack be FAMEous” narrative of


          • Darius

            You better go do your fake photos instead share your quackery

  • Thomas Hemming Larsen

    I don’t know if you’re familiar with Kiefer’s carb back loading. It basically says to have your carbs in the evening after training. Given the anabolic signaling of melatonin and insulin could this also stimulate muscle growth when resistance training is performed?

    • William Lagakos

      I’m relatively familiar with the gist of his protocol. Post workout glucose and/or rapidly digesting starch…? These studies suggest that insulin may potentiate the energy conservation aspect melatonin signaling (fat storage), which may not be the same thing as ‘anabolic’ in the context of muscle hypertrophy.

      John Berardi wrote about this technique over a decade ago in his “Massive Eating” protocol (keto diet except for immediately post-workout). Maybe if Kiefer’s carb load was pre-workout and the resistance exercise was performed in the morning…? that way the huge calorie surplus and insulin surge wouldn’t overlap with physical inactivity (sleep) and a spike in melatonin…
      just some thoughts…

      • Thomas Hemming Larsen

        Yep, you got it. Kiefer doesn’t have a problem with the inactivity because you’ve been active all day and you’ve just performed resistance training.

        The diet is a development of Di Pasquale’s protocol. The way Kiefer accomodates AM training is by eating the carbs the night before so you can utilise them during the workout. Kiefer is absolutely against eating carbs in the morning and recommends only fats to do a fat fast from dinner the night before and until around lunch. I’m not saying either is right or wrong but its interesting with all these mechanisms. You should really get on his podcast and talk about circadian timing because his work relies so heavily on that and you’re one of the few who I’ve seen have done so many posts on it.

        Anyway, I was just curious if there might be a connection.

        • William Lagakos

          blog post on this coming soon. Mind if I email you a few questions about this?

          • Thomas Hemming Larsen

            Not at all, I would be happy to help. I’ve started using the CBL idea and I’m already a little more size and definition. That said, Kiefer is probably more knowledagle :)

          • William Lagakos