LIGHT is a drug

Three stories about LIGHT


Carbon monoxide (CO): one of the nasty things in car emissions & cigarette smoke.  Also, a byproduct of the ever-important heme.  Heme, as you may recall, activates Rev-erb:


“Food for thought: an endogenous ligand of Rev-erb is heme (the iron-binding element in red blood cells).  Heme is degraded into bilirubin.  Elevated levels of bilirubin cause jaundice.  A treatment of neonatal jaundice is exposure to blue light.  Blue light is a major regulator of circadian rhythms and Rev-erb is an executive-level player in this game.  The primary mechanisms of blue light appear unrelated in these two models (melanopsin activation vs. bilirubin photoisomerization), but seem intertwined, because heme activates Rev-erb.  Cool.”


News: Disruption of the body’s internal clock causes disruption of metabolic processes

Science: Reciprocal regulation of carbon monoxide and the circadian clock (Klemz et al., 2016)

Tl;dr: heme degradation occurs on a circadian cycle and produces CO.  CO prevents Clock/Bmal1 from binding to DNA. Inhibiting this process throws off numerous other circadian rhythms in the liver.

SUNLIGHT and food in the morning, and let endogenously produced CO rhythmically tune the clock in the evening.






News: Flashing LIGHT therapy for Alzheimer’s

Toward treating Alzheimer’s disease with brain waves

Science: Gamma frequency entrainment attenuates amyloid load and modifies microglia (Iaccarino et al., 2016)

Tl;dr: mice exposed to LED light flickering 40x per second for one hour showed reduced amyloid in their brain over the next 12 hours.




Interestingly, 40x worked, but not constant light, nor 20 or 80.  The frequency of brain gamma waves (25-80 Hz) may have something to do with it.  The researchers theorized that disrupted gamma waves contribute to amyloid build-up, and flickering light within this frequency restores them.  This re-invigorates microglia to gobble up amyloid plaques.  Cool.

My only advice: if you’re gonna do it, do it in the morning with breakfast.



Interesting point, Joshua.  Various brain waves seem to be in the range of screen refresh rates… I don’t know, but I’m keeping my eye on this.





News: Light therapy might boost testosterone and sexual satisfaction in men

“The scientists discovered that the men who received active light treatment saw their testosterone levels increase and their sexual satisfaction improve.”


Study shows lack of interest in sex successfully treated by exposure to bright light.

Science: Light therapy as a treatment for sexual dysfunction; focus on testosterone levels (Koukouna et al., 2016)

Tl;dr: morning sex with the lights on (there’s your fasted exercise LOL).  Then breakfast.

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  • Jack Kruse Light is my scalpel, Bill and I am glad to see you coming around to seeing just how linked everything is. Too bad for the critics that left the building and could not wait for the full harvest of the ideas. Sun light, not food, nature not beliefs. Concepts not precepts. Reality trumps your perception of it. Attention follows energy, and the absence of light in proteins tells the sun where to refill us to avoid degeneration by optimizing circadian cycles before doing anything else.

    • Jack Kruse

      In infants a reported and published long-term side effect of this therapy is the increased risk of dysplastic nevus development in both the skin and eye (clinically, atypical nevi, or dysplastic nevi, are generally accepted to increase an individual’s risk of melanoma) Anyone who does not think light is a drug is ignorant. Every molecule in biology has its own specifi absorbtion and emission spectrum. That means all molecules are proxies for light frequencies. And those light frequencies are what control and direct enzymatic flux and biochemical pathways. What powers them is sunlight and water making a capacitor and not ATP as we all were taught.

      • Jack Kruse

        Sun light and man’s light are not equivalent and this is why man is now a sick species.

        • great point

          • Jack Kruse

            I did a member webinar on this Bill in Sept 2016 and tomorrow it will go live. My members asked I write it up from the filmed version and I think you’ll find it more illuminating especially since I mention rev-erb too. Good stuff.

          • awesome. Looking forward to it!

        • TechnoTriticale

          Very nice SPD (Spectral Power Distribution) charts, Jack. People need to wake up to the ipRGC consequences of this at the very least, if not also the uV implications.

          The circadian disruption might be dealt with via lamp selection. I doubt we’ll see deliberate efforts to mimic sun uV in consumer lighting anytime soon. So what are we to do about this as lighting consumers?

          Fluorescent is thankfully departing the scene, so people just need to know: don’t replace anything with fluorescent.

          The banishing of incandescent comes at some health cost. But we can also see what’s driving the initiative: the rising red end of that SPD curve – a lot of the power ends up as heat (IR).

          “White light” LEDs vary quite a bit in SPD. Some have less of a peak in the blue, and some are as spiky as fluorescent. This is due to different ways that blues are generated with LED technology. For example, an LED that covers blue by exciting a phosphor with a uV emitter is arguably just a fluorescent light, for at least that part of the spectrum.

          Good luck getting SPD charts for specific retail LED bulbs. Heck, good luck just finding out how they generate blue. A few bulb brands have been torn down by lighting geeks and analyzed, but we’re flying blind for the most part. A CRI specification is useless. A color temperature specification is mostly useless.

          The various brands of bulbs that can be remotely controlled for hue might at least be useful in the blue_light_at_night problem.

          For displays, OLED provides the greatest opportunity to separately control blue emission.

          Blue-blockers are always in fashion.

      • “Every molecule in biology has its own specific absorption and emission spectrum”

        true, and fascinating — I used to do work in spectrofluorimetry, measuring abs/emission spectra in bound & unbound proteins, misfolding, etc.

  • Joe Gavin


  • Jack Kruse

    Human life is a saga twisted into a single strand by nature. Cut one, and you cut both in ways that dimish the “whole” and people end up with a partial understanding of the connection of the whole. This relationship leads to complete misunderstanding of the “whole” with its unintended consequences of this connection. Never worry what other people think of you, because no one ever understand the saga you endured to think as you do. New blog out today: Hat tip to Jamie Ward?. And Bill Lagakos? I got a lot in here for you to ponder.

  • James Maiewski

    This has and continues to be an important issue with those concerned with light pollution, especially the more to energy efficient LED lighting

  • BooBooBaby