These dudes ate a ton of sat fats and nothing bad happened

Study: 12 weeks, obese men, very high fat low carb (VHFLC) vs. low fat high carb (LFHC) (Veum et al., 2016) #FATFUNC






It wasn’t explicitly AD LIB, but pretty close.  I say this because that is the magnitude of appetite decline we might expect when people go on The Hunger Free Diet(s), eg,






Results: insulin went down slightly more in VHFLC:



And another minor blow to the insulin theory: fat mass went down slightly more in LFHC:



1. I don’t think there’s any magic happening: drop the processed food crap, spontaneously eat less, get healthier.  It happened in both groups.  I bet if the intervention included sleep & LIGHT hygiene, and resistance exercise, they could’ve maintained or even gained muscle mass.

2. These dudes ate a ton of sat fats and nothing bad happened (P<0.05).

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