Allu-lujah: the new Quest Hero bars

On that sweetener in the new Quest Hero bars: allulose (formerly known as D-Psicose).

1. I’m sure they were quick to adopt the alternate nomenclature because it’s hard not so say Piss-cose lol

2. Nutrition-wise, Hero bars are basically Quest Lite. A bit less fibre. But I really think they’re getting much better at texture.

3. On to allulose. It’s not really like sugar – even though the FDA says it must be labeled as such – because it carries virtually no calories and actually blunts the blood glucose spike from a meal.


Exhibit A. n=20 healthy peole: 7.5 g D-psicose alone, 75 g maltodextrin alone, 75 g maltodextrin + 2.5, 5, or 7.5 g D-psicose (Iida et al., 2008)







Exhibit B. n=26, zero or 5g psicose with a standardized meal (Hayashi et al., 2010). Note: there are ~12 grams of allulose in a Hero bar.

It works better in diabetics.



They did a 12-week study where psicose was dosed 3 times a day, 5 grams each time, and showed it was perfectly healthy. Some markers even improved.


Exhibit C. Psicose metabolism (Iida et al., 2010)

In doses ranging from 5 to 30 grams, up to 70% is excreted intact and the rest does not go to farts.

It’s virtually calorie-free:



and is barely fermentable (compared to FOS):



compare to other low carb protein bars here, get the new Quest bars here, or just buy some straight allulose and experiment with it!

Mechanisms? 1) it’s not sugar, but it still enhances glucose disposal; and 2) some animal studies show it enhances liver glucose uptake. Idk.

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calories proper

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  • martin

    Great review. Had found a couple of the studies you cited but not all. Looks like Quest Hero bars appear to be safe.
    Suggestion: Dont switch to Patreon. Don’t charge for your articles. I am a big fan. Will buy any book you publish. But I (and some people I have discussed this with) am not excited about paying a fee to read the posts.
    Thanks for all the great science!

    • Hi Martin,

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to do both — blog here probably about once a month and post the rest on Patreon. $3/month for access to all articles.

  • Krista Nenn

    The ingredients on Amazon also list sucralose….do you consider that an acceptable sweetener? I tend to avoid it, personally.

    • yes… it’s never been shown to be harmful, and the dose so low (because it’s so much sweeter than sugar) that I wouldn’t worry about it.
      I use it.

  • Thomas Hemming Larsen

    How is the sweetness compared to sugar?

  • Acute D-psicose administration decreases the glycemic responses to an oral maltodextrin tolerance test in normal adults