Hi, I’m Bill.


I have a Ph.D. in Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology with a focus on obesity, inflammation, and insulin resistance (here’s a list of my publications).  This blog is about energy balance; including everything from foods and dietary patterns to hormones and weight loss… calories proper.  I’m passionate about this field and I hope you enjoy the blog.

Sometimes I think faster than I type, so some of the stuff about energy balance, insulin resistance, and how they apply to body composition might seem unclear.  I wrote a book to more thoroughly explain these concepts in a variety of different contexts (with plenty of examples).  A lot of the fundamentals can be found right here in earlier blog posts, but if you’d like a condensed version all in one place: The poor, misunderstood calorie.  Or you can email me: DrLagakos@gmail.com.

calories proper

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