What or When to Eat

Artificial light at night, crappy sleep, and skipping breakfast are major contributors to poor circadian rhythms.  Some bro’s insist WHAT you eat is infinitely more important than WHEN you eat.  I beg to differ, at least in part – nix the refined & processed foods and it doesn’t really matter if you prefer low fat or low carb (P<0.05).  Evidence: Hunger-free diet(s).


Exhibit A.  On the other hand, feed two people identical diets but induce circadian disruption in one and whammo – big difference in outcome.



Significantly less fat loss and more muscle loss in the circadian disrupted group.

Interindividual variability? Yes.  Statistical significance? YES.





Exhibit B.



From Khatib et al., 2016



Exhibit C.  Circadian disruption is associated with decreased leptin, increased ghrelin, and increased hunger and appetite (eg, Spiegel et al., 2004 & Hibi et al., 2017)… and you end up making poor food choices (eg, Khatib et al., 2016) possibly due, in part, to increased endocannabinoids (Hanlon et al., 2016).


“Skipping breakfast and poor sleep linked to obesity,” because duh (Mayor 2016).


Tl;dr: eat when you’re supposed to (during the day) and sleep well (at night).


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