This study on intermittent fasting wasn’t bad!

Effects of Intermittent Versus Continuous Energy Intakes on Insulin Sensitivity and Metabolic Risk in Women with Overweight (Hutchison et al., 2019)

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8 weeks, 70% calorie restriction via continuous energy restriction vs. 70% calorie restriction via intermittent fasting (skipping dinner on 3 non-consecutive days per week) vs. no calorie restriction but still intermittent fasting vs. control. A+ setup so far.

  1. Skipping dinner: don’t freak out. Some people are totally OK with 24-hour fasts but freak out at the idea of skipping dinner. That’s weird (P<0.05).
  2. As with most weight loss studies, some people are going to report being hungry every once in a while. Hopefully not too much, or else it deteriorates adherence. This wasn’t a problem in this study, however, because all food was provided and it was only 8 weeks.

We’ll review the hunger data next (data from weeks 1 & 6), but for now, let’s break down the above figure.

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