The next phase of CIM/EBM debauchery

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CIM (carb-insulin model of obesity) = carbs caused the obesity epidemic, they make you fat, and the cure to everything is keto. There’s a large overlap with the anti-seed oil movement and they’ve been actively shifting away from carbs to UPF (ultra-processed foods) and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), rightfully so. Nothing against fructose in particular, but HFCS is a good marker of UPF. The low fat Dietary Guidelines cause food addiction (to carbs/sugar).

EBM (energy balance of obesity): eat less, move more; CICO (calories in, calories out); obesity is caused by eating too much; the Dietary Guidelines didn’t cause obesity because no one followed them. 

TBM (The Bill-Man): potato chips. Passive overeating of UPF for whatever reason. Boredom? Oral fixation? Tbh (to be honest), Idk (I don’t know). 

Carbohydrate-insulin model (CIM) and obesity - Saurabh ...

Now they’re all gunning for…

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