Steak Fam and the Wild Mustard Plant

There are many different types of beef cattle which have been selectively bred for specific qualities or properties.

A lot of info here, “Knowing It: Beef Cattle



Scottish Angus x Longhorn = Black Angus.  Apparently, Longhorn beef was unpleasant and tough but they bred well.  Scottish Angus beef was tender but they didn’t breed well.  Cross ’em and problems solved.

Hereford cattle are inexpensive and were bred for feed efficiency.



Piedmontese cattle are double-muscled and less marbled than Angus, and they’re often crossed because it’s hard to give birth to a fully double-muscled babe.  Seems like it would help if momma was the Piedmontese, too.



Wagyu: main breeds are Japanese Black, Japanese Red, Kobi, and Sandai.  Allegedly fed beer and given regular massages LOL

Angus vs. Wagyu: look at that marbling –>



More info from American Cowboy and Steak Perfection.  And a comprehensive list of breeds here.


Needless to say, we aren’t eating the same animals as our ancestors: all of this selective breeding… it’s kind-of-like GMO.  Also, we would’ve been domesticating the slow and less intelligent animals because the fast and smart ones would’ve gotten away.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing, just that it’s not what the hunters were a’huntin way back when.

If an animal has been bred for a trait that increases growth hormone (GH); is it really that different from an animal treated with GH to induce that trait?  [rhetorical]



Same goes for plants.  Check out this awesome infographic:


Thank you for all you’ve given us, Wild Mustard Plant.

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