Regular circadian effects vs. effects of circadian misalignment.

Endogenous circadian system and circadian misalignment impact glucose tolerance via separate mechanisms in humans (Morris et al., 2015)

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“Glucose tolerance is lower in the evening and at night than in the morning.”

THE FIRST FRIGGIN’ LINE! Come on fam, please stop arguing against this fact. A basic tenet of circadian biology is our preparedness for food intake in the morning. “Skipping breakfast” is not hormetic. It’s CICO and not in a good way. Metabolism is gimped at night, so you end up having to eat less so you’re double-restricted (no breakfast and less food at night).



The point of this study was two-fold, in my estimation: 1) determine the normal circadian influences on glucose tolerance; and 2) influence of circadian misalignment.


When comparing the glycemic response to identical meals ingested after an identical period of fasting, either at 8 AM (subjective morning or “breakfast”) or 8 PM (subjective evening or “dinner”): postprandial glucose was 17% higher (ie, lower glucose tolerance) in the biological evening (8:00 PM) than morning (8:00 AM; ie, a circadian phase effect).


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