pizza on the docket

they’re all crooks!


a slice of pizza does not count as a serving of vegetables. Period.

not the worst thing for you, really just a bunch of empty calories.  definitely NOT a serving of vegetables.

The government-sponsored school lunch program is designed to provide nutrition and improve the health of our children.  And they get around 11 billion dollars (i.e., $11,000,000,000) every year to do so.  Due to the recent surge in obesity, Congress acted fast!  School lunch programs do not closely follow the dietary guidelines.  To us taxpaying voters, $11,000,000,000 of our taxes are being wasted AND our kids are suffering.   Therefore, Congress quickly changed the status of pizza to “vegetable.”  Many schools serve pizza, and thus are now more closely in line with the dietary guidelines; so our taxes are being less-wasted and our children are healthier because they are eating more vegetables! To be clear: now that pizza is a vegetable, your children are healthier.

You can’t make this shit up – it is what happens when government gets involved in nutrition.  Please, ignore the Dietary Guidelines, they are horribly misguided.  And be extremely wary of electing anyone who wants to control nutrition; or vote with your dollars, don’t buy processed food!  The message is almost always wrong and both our bank accounts and our health suffer the consequences.  I would suggest supporting nutrition education programs, but NOT IF THEY SAY PIZZA IS A VEGETABLE.  If anything, a slice of pizza should count as dessert plus 3 servings of grains :/

Isn’t it bad enough that French fries, or crisps, count as vegetables?

Admittedly, claiming “the Dietary Guidelines are horribly misguided” is a strong statement, especially when said guidelines direct how a portion of our taxes are spent AND which foods are made available to our children.  This is important.


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