Intermittent vs. Continuous Energy Restriction: Study vs. Headlines

It started here: Effect of intermittent versus continuous energy restriction on weight loss, maintenance and cardiometabolic risk: A randomized 1-year trial (Sundfor et al., 2018)

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If intermittent fasting (IF) works for you, awesome. If not, don’t worry, you’re not missing out on much. The above study was a year long and showed no difference between IF and plain old just cutting out some junk food. IF group lost 8 kg, regular dieters lost 9 kg.



“Intermittent and continuous energy restriction resulted in similar weight loss after one year in men and women with obesity.”

In this study, the IF protocol they employed was most similar to 5:2 wherein you eat normally for five days a week and consume minimal food on two non-consecutive days.

“Feeling of hunger may limit long-term adherence to intermittent energy restriction.” [this seems somewhat unwarranted because, well, they made it a whole year which is pretty “long-term,” imo] [although they consistently reported higher feelings of hunger which may be unpleasant]

Backlash to the above tweet was savage lol and a lot of people cited a 2016 study with which I was familiar… that doesn’t really make their case…

HEADLINE vs. STUDY, people

disclaimer: if you’re hell bent on IF, I’m still a little biased toward #eTRF

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