Why are meatards (jk no offense, just referring to people on “carnivore” diets) re-incorporating carbs in the form of honey back in their diet?

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1) humans eating only meat is really throwing out the baby with the bathwater. It’s not “Our Ancestral Way of Eating,” there was probably just one or two things that were problematic, and they got rid of everything but meat. And 99% make up reasons other than weight loss for why they follow this diet. It’s a CICO/UPF restriction thing, not #meatheals.

2) I’m empathetic toward ethical vegans but not any kind of vegan myself. Opinions on honey in this context are mixed.

3) now onto HUNNY

Anyone love hunny? Which kinds? Any noticeable medicinal effects? Let me know in the comments!

Royal jelly, propolis &/or Queen bee acid, pollen?

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