#eTRF OMAD (Singh et al., 2019)

I’m not a huge fan of OMAD (one-meal-a-day) — if it works for you, cool, but it’s not where I’d start. Harder to meet protein requirements, metabolic mayhem refeeds, disrupted sleep quality, etc. But it helps some people control calorie intake (I understand, it can be difficult to overeat all of your daily calories in one sitting… very full belly!)

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Franz Halberg, one of the fathers of chronobiology, did some pioneering studies on AM/PM meal timing.

He and his contemporaries and students (eg, Jacobs & Hirsch) were among the first to study OMAD breakfast vs. dinner.

Tl;dr: they took a group of people and gave them all of their food in one sitting – breakfast or dinner. The breakfast group lost weight. Upon reviewing the diets, it turns out the breakfast group was eating less. So they followed-up…

can you guess what happened?

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