Effects of ketone bodies on endurance exercise

or “a misunderstanding of ketoadaptation proper (Sansone et al., 2018).”

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This was a good review article, although imho the authors had a clear bias. It stuck out to me because it is the opposite of my bias lol

One of the characteristics of ketoadaptation is the ability to perform equally high intensity exercise at a lower RQ indicating the reliance on more fat oxidation. This can be assessed by measuring maximal fat oxidation rates, which can reach 1.5 g/min during high intensity physical activity.

This review seems to promote a high carb diet during training, then supplementing ketone esters on game day to boost performance… but also talks of ketoadaptation and maximizing fat oxidation rates… those two things are _kinda_ mutually exclusive…

The old school dogma is that carbs/glycolysis fuel high intensity exercise whereas more fat is used for endurance exercise. That’s still pretty true, unless you factor in nutritional ketosis / ketoadaptation proper.

On the flipside, this article is full of cool tidbits about ketones and facts about exercise economy. For my take on that and more, head over to Patreon! Five bucks a month for full access and there are many other options.

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