Don’t blame asparagus and mushrooms for what soda and potato chips did to you

“Carbohydrate quality and human health: a series of systematic reviews and meta-analyses” (Reynolds et al., 2019)

Essential notes:

-this article was about carb quality not quantity

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-fibre is complicated. You can say soluble & insoluble, but really there are many different types and all of them still aren’t even clearly one or the other.

-a low carb diet can also be a high fibre diet. In fact, I guess since my own diet has a lot of low carb (LC) plants, I was shocked that they considered 25-29 grams “high fibre.”

-again, a high fibre diet doesn’t have to be a high carb diet

-while I don’t doubt the effects of various fibres per se, other components of these foods may also contribute to their benefits (vitamins, minerals, other nutrients, etc.).

-fibre will not end the obesity epidemic otherwise Metamucil would’ve ended it years ago. The only fibre supp I’ve recommended is Bimuno, and that’s for GI problems not weight loss.

Is fibre *essential?*

Essential for what?

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