Cracking into the Food-Entrainable Oscillator (FEO)

Scheduled meals and scheduled palatable snacks synchronize circadian rhythms: consequences for ingestive behavior (Escobar et al, 2011)
Big hat tip to Robb Wolf for bringing this to my attention. If you’ve been following my more circadian-related stuff, I’ve done a lot of tip-toe’ing around the FEO (food-entrainable oscillator). Tl;dr: sunlight entrains the master clock in the SCN via well-known mechanisms; food entrains peripheral clocks (riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma). 
Ideally, to ensure co-entrainment of the central and peripheral clocks, breakfast and sunshine in the morning, around sunrise.
We know bad things happen when you do the opposite and why you Shouldn’t. Do. OMAD (one-meal-a-day).
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