Circadian rhythms and ketosis in migraines

Ask almost anyone who experiences chronic migraines and they’ll almost always say their latest attack was preceded by a period of poor quality or short duration sleep.

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That, in itself, is a hint circadian rhythms may be involved.



Can circadian dysregulation exacerbate migraines? (Ong et al., 2018)

In this study, sleep characteristics and circadian rhythms were evaluated in 20 chronic migraine sufferers and 20 healthy controls.

They found that, despite similar sleep duration, later sleep timing and circadian dysregulation (as per salivary melatonin) were associated with higher migraine frequency and severity.

It is seriously unpleasant, but migraines can be experimentally induced in otherwise healthy people (eg, Amin et al., 2012).

PACAP. We’ve talked about this before. It’s a pretty big player in regulating circadian rhythms.

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