Breakfast: a multidisciplinary approach… eTRF in disguise :-)

I say “breakfast” to indicate the first meal of the day, shortly after waking up. Not “breaking the fast.”

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Other definitions of breakfast from this awesome paper:

  • socio-anthropologists: breakfast is the first post-nocturnal meal of the day
  • biochemists & doctors: the biodynamic aspects of a meal after prolonged resting/fasting.
  • scholars of social sciences: the first meal after a physiological break with consciousness during the need.

Besides those philosophical takes on breakfast, this article also reviews the evidence showing breakfast improves cognitive function, memory, attention span, concentration, and academic performance.

Of the cultures reviewed, meat, cheese, fruit, and wine came up a lot. Some had coffee & chocolate 🙂

It was sometimes eaten outside and finished before it got too hot (this is seasonal/geographical, of course, but interesting). And similar to our ancestors (by some accounts), it was done prior to heading out for the day.

It wasn’t really until artificial lighting came along when people started eating their main meal late at night. Side note: that is a highly interesting observation.

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