All my organs hurt and I think I’m going blind.

People, this is how you should eat.

There have been a lot of diet postings lately, and they are some of the healthiest diets you could imagine.  Please click the links to get the full versions, which include lifestyle tidbits, other pearls, and WHY.  And take notes.  I’ve just listed some of the foods here for the sake of brevity (and as an excuse to link to the diets).

Disclaimer: all of these diets fall somewhere on the “low carb” spectrum.  I don’t eat low carb because I have to*, I do so because it’s healthy, convenient for my lifestyle, and I rather like the foods.  *I say I don’t “have to” because I have no underlying health problems or carb-sensitive GI issues.  The people below are also far healthier than most (from what I can gather)… but if you are overweight &/or obesity-prone, or glucose-intolerant &/or diabetic, then you might want to consider following any of them.

Hyperlipid (Petro Dobromylskyj)The Optimal Diet
butter, egg yolks, cocoa, dark chocolate, macadamia nuts, sour cream, beef, green veggies.  His stats: BW stable, 28” waist, greying beard.  Peter will outlive us all.  And take over the world if he ever has the desire to do so.

Anna Fagan (Lifextension): Low Carb Paleo, probably keto
eggs, butter, avocado, cheese, shrooms, bacon, salmon, tea, coffee, nuts, sardines, lamb, pork, eggplant, cream  –> “high fat =/= fat.”  She’s currently off studying paleoanthropology somewhere in Turkey (?).

Jane Plain (ItsTheWooo): Ketogenic
cream, sour cream, nuts, butter, beef & fatty meats, pepperoni.  She, too, is rather fit.  The Scribble Pad = diet & lifestyle vs. psychoneuroendocrinology & metabolism (mixed with equal parts humor & gravitas).


George Henderson (The High-fat Hep C Diet): Low carb, possibly keto
coffee, tea, bacon, sardines, organs, tallow, tomatoes, garlic, egg yolks, dark chocolate, nuts, fruit, lamb, chicken, rolled oats, butter, onions, beef, potatoes, carrots, onions, green veggies.  George has wisdom, Hep C, and is a bona fide rock star.

Franziska Spritzler (Low Carb RD): Ketogenic
sardines, spinach, coconut oil, berries, sour cream, yogurt, guacamole, cocoa, beef, peas, squash.  Similar to Jane Plain, Franziska sees actual sick people.  And her NMR lipoprotein profile suggests another 20 years before “midlife” begins.

My diet  (probably doesn’t belong with the others, but I would’ve felt like I was throwing everyone else under the bus had it not been included): Low carb, high(ish) protein.
dark chocolate, meats, creamed spinach, butter, coconut oil, ‘kraut, kefir, salads, oysters, red wine.  Calories: no clue; however many keep me 175 lbs and strong – haven’t needed to see a doctor since I was in college when I told him “All my organs hurt and I think I’m going blind.”  He told me “Go home, get some rest, and drink plenty of fluids – preferably not those from the Napa Valley.”

UPDATE – October, 2014.  My diet is more or less the same.  Lots of seafood not listed above: salmon, tuna, squid, sardines, etc.; and lots of plants not listed above: Brussels sprouts, nuts, mushrooms, asparagus, cabbage, etc.  Eggs.

UPDATE – April, 2017.  More or less same as above, plus leeks, salmon skin, and some lentils.  Spanakopita.  Still 175 lbs and strong.

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**EDIT** additions:

Sondra Rose (courtesy of Michael)

Ash Simmonds

Nigel Kinbrum



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