Mushrooms are awesome AND GOOD CALORIES

I have a somewhat specific definition of “Good Calories.”  Foods that, when added to your diet, cause a spontaneous reduction in intake of something else.   Like nuts.

The opposite of soda.

And more recently, mushrooms!



Side note: ‘Mushrooms Every Day’ is part of my long-term anti-cancer strategy.




And I’m not recommending substituting mushrooms for beef, but:

Positive effect of mushrooms substituted for meat on body weight, body composition, and health parameters.  A 1-year randomized clinical trial (Poddar et al., 2013)






Lack of energy compensation over 4 days when white button mushrooms are substituted for beef (Cheskin et al., 2008)

“Energy content of meat and mushroom lunches varied (783 kcal versus 339 kcal), while volume was held constant. Energy intakes were significantly higher during meat lunches than mushroom lunches (730 ± 7.9 kcal versus 310 ± 5.8 kcal). Subjects exhibited only partial compensation (11.4 ± 12.0%) for this difference over 4 days. Total daily energy intake and fat intake were significantly greater in the meat condition than in the mushroom condition, while ratings of palatability, appetite, satiation and satiety did not differ significantly.”





Body weight and composition changes after consumption of two different very low carbohydrate diets versus a lower fat diet (Kloss et al., 2006)

One of the very low carb (~10% cals) diets was based on mushrooms and plants (“VLCPM), the other on animal foods (VLCA).

“All diets produced significant (p<0.001) weight loss. Fat mass decreased during the VLCPM (p<0.001) and TRAD (p=0.045) trials, but % body fat lost was only significant (p= 0.041) during the VLCPM trial.”


Try chaga in your coffee, grow your own, or just get some morels!


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  • Man

    I eat both at the same time when I have the opportunity 😀
    But yeah, I eat mushrooms much more often than meat, matter of taste and budget.