Keto myths & facts

:::begin rant:::

Trigger warning?  Maybe.

Disclaimer: I’m pro-LC (P<0.05), but not anti-LF because LF works better than LC for some people.  And with the exception of things like keto for neurological issues, I think macros take a back seat to many other factors.

Myths: carbs cause insulin resistance (IR), diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.  Carbs are intrinsically pathogenic.  If a healthy person eats carbs, eventually they’ll get sick.

And the only prescription is more keto.




And of course all of this could’ve been prevented if they keto’d from the get-go.

Proponents of these myths are referring to regular food carbs, not limited to things like Oreo Coolattas (which would be more acceptable, imo).  Taubes, Lustig, Attia, and many others have backed away from their anti-carb positions, yet the new brigade proceeds and has even upped the ante to include starvation.  Because “LC = effortless fasting?”

Does this sound sane?

“No carbs ever,
no food often…
otherwise diabetes.”





no one in their right mind would say lentils & beans cause diabetes



“Carbs” is a straw man, because just like how people get angry when “Dietary Patterns” lump animal foods with unhealthy processed foods, they should also get angry when lentils are lumped in with Oreo Coolattas.

Straw man #2: the “well-formulated” diet.  As in, “if keto didn’t work for you, it’s wasn’t a well-formulated ketogenic diet.”  Same is true for carbs.  And every other diet.  Duh.



Fact: nobody really knows what causes metabolic syndrome.

ALL OF THE LONGEST LIVING PEOPLE EAT CARBS.  If carbs were intrinsically harmful, this wouldn’t be true.  Nowhere near it, actually.  The Blue Zones would be the Black Death Zones.  Humans wouldn’t exist.

Non-food contributors to MetS: obesity, sedentary lifestyle, circadian arrhythmia, shift work, crappy sleep, too much artificial light, etc.


Myth: low carb cures IR.

Fact: low carb helps manage blood glucose levels with fewer meds in people with IR.  It’s actually quite good at that.  But the best “cures” are basically weight loss and/or exercise.  “Cure” = can eat a potato w/o hyperglycemia.



“why do low carbers make this insane equivocation ‘carbs = modern junk food that kills you’” -Jane Plain


Part 2. totes ridiculous, anecdotes from the interwebz

Exhibit A.  Dude posts a link which says something to the effect of: “metabolic syndrome is associated with increased joint problems,” then asks: “do high carb athletes have more joint problems [than low carb athletes]?”


This is ridiculous.  It assumes carbs cause metabolic syndrome… in athletes!  1) Carbs don’t cause metabolic syndrome.  2) Athletes are some of the most carb-tolerant people on Earth.  Yes, there are exceptions, but not many.


Exhibit B.  People saying they stopped needing eyeglasses because keto.  I don’t even know what to say to this.





:::end rant:::


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