Endurance Performance Doesn’t Decline on a Low Carb Diet

The new study by Zinn and colleagues doesn’t debunk ketoadaptation. And the authors agree!

In brief, it was 5 ~50-year old recreational endurance athletes. They’ve been training a lot for a very long time. In other words, one way to view this study is the opposite of n00b gainz. Experienced exercisers don’t typically make gains in 10 weeks without drastically changing their training program or increasing protein intake – neither of which occurred in this study.



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  • Jord

    There’s fairly conclusive evidence by now that keto/low carb is in no way beneficial for athletic performance for anything greater than ultra endurance, and in most cases causes performance decrements.

    Why proponents keep refuting every new study that comes out, while constantly looking for that one magic study which will vindicate it, is beyond reason.
    Meanwhile, the people actually winning the races, and performing well, don’t mess around with it. They do what works.

  • important to identify the goal posts in this context: FASTER was a mediocre study design, but showed no significant differences in performance between LC & LF. Most studies that go >3 weeks show the same.