All my organs hurt and I think I’m going blind.

People, this is how you should eat.

There have been a lot of diet postings lately, and they are some of the healthiest diets you could imagine.  Please click the links to get the full versions, which include lifestyle tidbits, other pearls, and WHY.  And take notes.  I’ve just listed some of the foods here for the sake of brevity (and as an excuse to link to the diets).

Disclaimer: all of these diets fall somewhere on the “low carb” spectrum.  I don’t eat low carb because I have to*, I do so because it’s healthy, convenient for my lifestyle, and I rather like the foods.  *I say I don’t “have to” because I have no underlying health problems or carb-sensitive GI issues.  The people below are also far healthier than most (from what I can gather)… but if you are overweight &/or obesity-prone, or glucose-intolerant &/or diabetic, then you might want to consider following any of them.

Hyperlipid (Petro Dobromylskyj)The Optimal Diet
butter, egg yolks, cocoa, dark chocolate, macadamia nuts, sour cream, beef, green veggies.  His stats: BW stable, 28” waist, greying beard.  Peter will outlive us all.  And take over the world if he ever has the desire to do so.

Anna Fagan (Lifextension): Low Carb Paleo, probably keto
eggs, butter, avocado, cheese, shrooms, bacon, salmon, tea, coffee, nuts, sardines, lamb, pork, eggplant, cream  –> “high fat =/= fat.”  She’s currently off studying paleoanthropology somewhere in Turkey (?).

Jane Plain (ItsTheWooo): Ketogenic
cream, sour cream, nuts, butter, beef & fatty meats, pepperoni.  She, too, is rather fit.  The Scribble Pad = diet & lifestyle vs. psychoneuroendocrinology & metabolism (mixed with equal parts humor & gravitas).



George Henderson (The High-fat Hep C Diet): Low carb, possibly keto
coffee, tea, bacon, sardines, organs, tallow, tomatoes, garlic, egg yolks, dark chocolate, nuts, fruit, lamb, chicken, rolled oats, butter, onions, beef, potatoes, carrots, onions, green veggies.  George has wisdom, Hep C, and is a bona fide rock star.

Franziska Spritzler (Low Carb RD): Ketogenic
sardines, spinach, coconut oil, berries, sour cream, yogurt, guacamole, cocoa, beef, peas, squash.  Similar to Jane Plain, Franziska sees actual sick people.  And her NMR lipoprotein profile suggests another 20 years before “midlife” begins.

My diet  (probably doesn’t belong with the others, but I would’ve felt like I was throwing everyone else under the bus had it not been included): Low carb, high(ish) protein.
dark chocolate, meats, creamed spinach, butter, coconut oil, ‘kraut, kefir, salads, oysters, red wine.  Calories: no clue; however many keep me 175 lbs and strong – haven’t needed to see a doctor since I was in college when I told him “All my organs hurt and I think I’m going blind.”  He told me “Go home, get some rest, and drink plenty of fluids – preferably not those from the Napa Valley.”

UPDATE – October, 2014.  My diet is more or less the same.  Lots of seafood not listed above: salmon, tuna, squid, sardines, etc.; and lots of plants not listed above: Brussels sprouts, nuts, mushrooms, asparagus, cabbage, etc.  Eggs.

UPDATE – April, 2017.  More or less same as above, plus leeks, salmon skin, and some lentils.  Spanakopita.  Still 175 lbs and strong.


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**EDIT** additions:

Sondra Rose (courtesy of Michael)

Ash Simmonds

Nigel Kinbrum



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  • me

    Nice post, Bill. Thank you.

    More similarities than differences in these diets.

  • You did such a good job making my blog sound normal 🙂

    We are like the fellowship of teh ketone in a world gone mad with starvation diets and anoretic pious self abusive flagellation with bland lentils and tatoes.

  • Michael

    Another one I came across:

    • Thanks, Michael. I hadn’t seen that one.

    • Thanks for the shout-out, Michael!

      • Michael

        Thanks for posting about your eating habits, Sondra. Your and all the other examples are a nice confirmation that I’m not completely nuts – or if I am, then at least I’m not alone. Cheers

        • I felt the exact same way when I was first reading the diets posted above ~~ a sigh of relief.

      • Thanks for posting your diet!

  • George

    Thanks Bill for the kind words!
    Healthy? Well no-one wants to give that particular hostage to fortune, but…
    Healthier than I was 10 years ago? Yes, by a factor of the distance from the Earth to the Moon.
    Healthier than the average 55 year old with 30 yr history of polydrug use, alcoholism, smoking, food intolerance, and untreated Hep C (maybe not for too much longer)? Well I think that would be a very safe bet.
    In the immortal words of Gayelord Hauser “The New Diet Does It”.
    And our diets are all very similar, they differ more by availability, affordability, practicability, and our acquired tastes, but I’m sure are almost completely interchangeable.

    What’s your opinion of kilojoules? Valid alternative to calories in diet discussions, or, last refuge of a scoundrel?

    • Whenever I’m in a meeting and someone starts talking in kilojoules, I just keep repeating over & over in my head: divide by 4, divide by 4, divide by 4.

      • George

        Coca Cola have started their unwanted anti-obesity drive on NZ TV. And it’s all “kilojules in balancing kilojules out”. I guess someone researched the NZ market and worked out we went metric long ago. And breathed a sigh of relief at being able to place “grams of sugar” at an extra remove.
        Divide kilojoules by 16 to get grams of sugar? My brain’s not that quick. Grams of fat? Forget it.
        Last refuge of a scoundrel with something to hide, I reckon.

        • Aaah, now I understand your reference to a scoundrel. Next Coke will be calling the calories in their soda “Jewels.”

  • Thanks so much for the shout out and kind words, Bill! Love reading about what everyone eats, including you, of course. LCHF/Keto: What a fantastic way to eat and live 🙂

    • you’re welcome, and thank YOU for posting your diet and blood test results.

      There is an entire gluten-free section in my local Whole Foods; apparently gluten-free has “made it” (even though it is chock full of processed foods). I’m not sure how an LCHF section would look as it would have to consist of more real foods with expiration dates (as evidenced by the above diets), but I’m hoping they’ll figure something out.

  • Ha nice – I don’t have a “what I eat” post yet, just the occasional food porn post:

    Mine comes down to 95% carnivore intermittent feasting – steak and eggs is an almost daily staple, otherwise it’s seafood and the occasional pork, once every week or so I’ll have some broccoli or pumpkin on the side – everything always covered in butter/oil/cream sauce.

  • How come a fair number of very-low-carbers are extremely snippy and regularly use fallacies (e.g. mis-quoting, strawmen, non-sequitur etc) and/or personally attack people who have differing opinions from themselves? You & George Henderson are O.K, but jeez! Low-carb Hezbollah, anyone? 😉

    • Nigel – you have no control over how annoying you allow yourself to become.

      • And you have no control over how nasty you allow yourself to become. I call it as I see it. So goodbye, Woo. You won’t be hearing from me again.

        • me

          Finally, indisputable evidence of God’s love.

          • Who the hell are you?
            Colour me disappointed at the people who up-voted Woo’s comment (I obviously down-voted it). Those are votes in favour of intolerance, mean-mindedness & nastiness on the internet. Pffft!

          • Audrey

            May the record show that Nigel Kinbrun of the United Kingdom has been colored disappointed.

          • Oh great, racism. Next stop Hitler.

          • Audrey


            Btw, Ash, I looked at your blog and it is an understatement when I say I envy you your diet.

            Would you be willing to adopt me? 🙂

          • Heh, I just eat the way evolution and general well-being’ness has taught me, not acculturation.

            Sadly my car doesn’t have back seats – I’m destined to remain dependent-less for some time yet!

          • “general well-being’ness”
            that is as good an indicator as any!

          • Took me a long time and a lot of research to convince me to just trust my body and primal instincts – such an idiot!

          • Nigel!
            This is Calories Proper, not Dear Abby. Write an article about what you eat and I’ll gladly post a link to it!

          • Hi Bill,
            Sorry for posting off-topic, but my patience wore a little thin “over there”.

            I’ve already posted roughly what I eat (it varies quite a lot from day to day) in I’ll give it a minor tweak, to bring it up to date.

            Cheers, Nige

          • Michael

            Nigel, an almost identical diet to all the others. One thing struck me though: you eat a couple of slices of Burgen Soya & Linseed a day, and then, 3 lines below, you say you don’t eat soya! Is that a Nigelesque contrarianism or is there a catch?

          • I don’t eat soya as beans or Tofu or soya milk. There’s only a bit of soya in the Burgen bread, which doesn’t bother me. I’ll edit the page accordingly.

          • me

            I felt better just for making you whine like a schoolgirl.

          • You anonymous internet nobodies just make me lol, you utterly sad individual. 😀

        • Nigel:
          “Blah blah blah I am a big fat jerk, woo is crazy, low carbers are awful!!!

          “Nigel, you’re annoying” (18000+ likes)

          “WAAAAAA I R VICTIM”

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  • Hey Bill! Thanks for the props. FYI, my diet’s definitely keto.. I may currently be straying, however, what with only being able to find no greater than 80% dark choc over here in the Orient. What is this, the Middle Ages? Merhaba from Turkey, by the way 😀

    • Hi Anna, glad to see you’re not totally off the grid. Thank YOU for posting your diet – a lot of great info. Only 80% dark chocolate lol! I’m sure you’re still safely running on fat & ketones 🙂